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Saving the world, one cat at a time!

An orange and white cat with yellow eyes named "Marigold"

We highly recommend making a reservation for the cat room on Saturdays and Sundays, or if you have a large group attending!

A teacup with red tea and a chocolate chip muffin.

We've got delicious coffee, tea, sammies and more! Take a look at our offerings. All fare is vegetarian, and many options can be made vegan.

A silly gray, orange and white cat with its head upside looking at the camera, while laying in a cat tree with fake leaves everywhere.

That's wonderful! Click below to go to our page on adopting. You can apply on Browncoat Cat Rescue's website and they'll take it from there.

Note: Alley Cat Cafe has moved locations as of mid-January 2023!

We are now at 112 N Cayuga Street.


What are we?
Well, we're a regular ol' cafe, with coffee, lattes, baked goods, sandwiches...

Oh, and a room full of cats!

We work with local Browncoat Cat Rescue to host their cats until they are adopted. Our cat room (separate from the dining area) is their temporary home until their forever home is found! Come have a coffee, pastry, and relax with our adorable kitties who are looking for a little extra love.

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