Browncoat Cat Rescue


One of our most common questions is, "Where do the cats come from?"

They come from Browncoat Cat Rescue! AKA, BCR. BCR is a volunteer run organization that focuses on unwanted and abandoned cats in Ithaca and its surrounding areas.  Volunteers create awareness within the community,  and educate people of the importance of spaying and neutering.  By working with committed foster parents, local veterinarians, and members of the community, we can empower feral cat colony keepers, and  find loving adoptive homes for rescued cats.

BCR brings adoptable rescued kitties to the cafe, where they can socialize with people and other cats alike, and meet their future forever parent! It's been a great way to spread awareness of cats in the community, as well as get these little ones the attention and homes they deserve.

The Cafe

Did you know the first ever cat cafe was in Taipei, Taiwan, in 1998? From there it spread to Japan, and quickly became popular since many people live in small homes that can't house a cat. The concept since then has been popularized in many other countries - from Austria, Scotland, Canada, Australia and much much more! All over the world now, people seek the comfort of cats at cat cafes.

We also have been asked why BCR chose a cat cafe instead of an adoption center. Our mission is to create a sense of community; a place for people to come together with a common interest. Not only do we get cat-lovers, but we get coffee-lovers too! Amazing things happen when the two are combined, and the smiles left on peoples' faces is so worth it to us. The cafe not only provides delicious drinks & fare, but also supports BCR and its cause.