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Cat Room FAQ

How does it work?
We charge $5 per half hour of kitty time, per person (including kids). This gives you access to both cat rooms, and goes to the care and supplies of the cats. We thank you for supporting Browncoat Cat Rescue!


What are the COVID precautions?
We still require masks for the time being. (Did you know cats can catch COVID? Unfortunate but true!) If you aren't seated at your table dining in, we ask that you wear a mask. We can provide disposable masks if you don't have one. Hand sanitizer is available around the cafe and before you enter the rooms!

Is food allowed?

Unfortunately we do not allow food into the cat rooms, but drinks are permitted in closed-lid containers. We're more than happy to put your drink in a to-go cup so you can take it with you!

Do you accept donations?
Absolutely! Things Browncoat Cat Rescue always needs are:

Cat Litter (World's Best)
Paper Towels
Trash Bags/Doggy Bags
Towels and Rags

Cat food (Our cats are fed Earthborn, but others will be given to feral colonies that BCR monitors.)

And, of course, monetary donations are always welcome and extremely helpful. Click here for our current GoFundMe.

How else can I help?

Our cat rooms are monitored by volunteers, which we could always use! Go to About Us -> Volunteering for more information.


If you're interested in fostering, BCR is always in need of foster homes. Contact for more information.

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