Meet the Cats

Marigold: the cafe cat!

Estimated Birthday: July 25, 2016

Favorite Toy: Catnip Banana

Marigold was an exceptionally lucky kitten! Hers was the last litter trapped in 2016; a family sheltering in a barn slated for demolition. Marigold has a ventricular septum defect...a hole in her heart. We are running the gamut of veterinarians to see what we can do to give her the absolute best life possible. 
Marigold doesn't act like a cat with a wonky heart...she is full of love and life! 
She plays with skitter toys, and loves to play tag with the other cats.  She is UNDERFOOT ALL THE TIME. Literally. She will rub her back on the underside of your foot as you try to walk.  It is almost as endearing as it is life threatening. 


Marigold is currently 7, and going strong! She is the official cafe cat for the Alley Cat Cafe, and gets almost as much attention as she wants.

We aren't sure what Marigold's future holds, we only know that she will embrace it wholeheartedly. 



Estimated Birthday: May 1, 2020

Baymax is a big white floof who just wants to make everyone around him feel loved. He's extra snuggly in the evenings, but loves being with his person all the time.He's a big fan of the booty rubs!

Baymax also loves being brushed while someone tells him how very pretty and perfect he is. He loves other cats, and is very tolerant of dogs.  He has yet to meet a person he doesn't like.

If you're looking for a hairy baby of your very own, adopt Baymax today!


​Estimated Birthday: May 15, 2021

Natasha is a busy bee!

This sweet wild child loves to explore, climb, pounce, and play—with anything she can get her paws on. But if you pick her up for some pets, she’ll settle in happily, and purr her gorgeous little face off.  

If you’re looking for an independent and fun-loving kitty who enjoys a good snuggle, Natasha is the girl for you!


The Hulk


Estimated Birthdays: May 15, 2022

The Hulk is a rambunctious little cowboy who’s ready to steal your heart. He may be the runt of his litter, but he knows his mind, and he’s not afraid to share what’s on it! (He'll also share the ridiculous amount of wet food he tends to get on his face...)  He loves to play, explore, and chase his brothers and sisters.

If you interrupt him for a little snuggle, you’ll get rewarded with purrs. Just don’t hold him up for too long because he’s got things to do!

If you’re looking for a playful kitty with a real zest for life, the Hulk is the superhero for you. 


Estimated Birthday: February 15, 2022

Meet the cutest little veggie in the garden!
Zucchini was born in his foster home, and has only known love.  Speaking of which, he absolutely LOVES his mama Cabbage, and snuggles and plays with her as much as he can.  While he's equally playful and affectionate with his people, his foster family would love to see him and his mama adopted together.
Zucchini is fearless!  He was fostered with other cats and a medium sized dog, so not much fazes him.  He loves to meet new people and play with stick and skitter toys. 
If you're looking for an amazing new family member (or two) Zucchini is a fun little fritter!



Estimated Birthday: May 1, 2022

Representing in the land of the most purrfect pink nose and toe beans is Tahini.  This little sweetling absolutely loves his belly tickles.  

If the pitter patter of tiny feet doesn't clue you in to his antics, he's also a very vocal little guy, and likes to trill and chirp to his people to keep them involved in all the goings on. 

If you are looking for the perfect little friend, grab a chip and scoop up this adorable Tahini!


Estimated Birthday: May 6, 2022

Have you been feeling lonely?  Not nearly snuggled enough? Stone will fix that!

This outgoing little snugglebug is VERY people oriented.  When he's not chasing a skitter toy or wrestling with one of his siblings, he loves to be on his person.  He's a lapcat extraordinaire! Stone is also marvelous with kids, cats, and respectful dogs.  

If you're looking for the sweetest of the sweet, adopt Stone today!




Estimated Birthday: May 6, 2022

"Hey there, whatcha doing?  Can I help?" Thus you learn Birch's mantra...
This adorable and snuggle oriented kitten loves to be involved in whatever his person is doing. He is either under your feet, or riding along on your shoulder. This is not a kitten who can be left alone all day, as he craves social interactions. He would love to be adopted to a home with other cats (he has siblings if you have no cats yet) and is great with kids and respectful dogs as well.  

He had a rough start to life, but is ready to find that purrfect forever family!
If you want a velcro kitten who will love you with his whole heart, adopt Birch today.


Estimated Birthday: January 14, 2022

Thorne was thrown away by his original person, and we cannot fathom why.  
He is the sweetest most affectionate little cockleburr of a kitten; he's happiest when attached to his person. He's a lap cat, a chest cat, a climb into your mouth cat...Not an aloof bone in his whole body. 
Thorne loves his people, including children, loves other cats, and gets along great with dogs.  He also met a tortoise in his travels, and they got along just fine as well!
Thorne is capable of keeping himself entertained with skitter toys, but is happiest when being snuggled by his people.

If you're looking for a huge amount of love to enhance your life, adopt Thorne today!



Estimated Birthday: May 6, 2022

Tater was a pretty sick little potato when he first came to the rescue, but with the love of his fabulous foster dad, he's doing great!
This sweet floof loves his person, but it can take him a little bit to warm up to new people. While he can be a smidge shy at first, he warms up pretty quickly!
His favorite thing to do is to find a sun puddle and just soak up those rays.  He also loves to play with toys, and his best friends and brother Tot.  They're pretty bonded, so we want them to go home together.  Two kittens are easier than one! 
Tater gets along well with other cats, is accepting of respectful children, but isn't the biggest fan of dogs.  He'd love to be part of a family where he and his brother are cherished.  
If you're looking for the sweetest Tater you ever did see, look no further!


Estimated Birthday: May 6, 2022

Don't let this sweet and sleepy photo fool you...Tot is a high energy little ginger! Tot is a bold and energetic little guy.  He loves attacking his brother Tater, and playing with toys.   Once Tater is worn out from playing with him, Tot will just run up and down the stairs, over and over... and over.Tater and Tot are a bonded brother pair, and will be adopted together.Tot is super outgoing and makes friends with everyone he meets.  He's great with other cats, all ages of people, and respectful dogs.If you're looking for the purrfect pair to complete your life, look no further!




Estimated Birthday: March 7, 2020

Julep is a whole lot of cat; more proof that good things come in small packages!

Julep is an amazing cat for someone who likes a lot of energy and sass in their cat.  He's incredibly playful, and loves to wrestle and play tag with other cats. If your cat is mellow, his playful energy can take a turn into a bullying vibe, so make sure you have someone who likes to Thunderdome if you are considering Julep as a companion cat.  He would also do just fine as a solo cat, but he's not for anyone with a fragile ego...or skin.  He loves to grab his person and give love nibbles.  For this reason we feel he'd do best in a home that doesn't have children under 12. While it comes from a place of love and ridiculousness, we don't want to hurt anyone's feelings.  
Julep approaches all aspects of life with gusto, and can't wait for his forever family!
If you're looking for an amazing cat with a lot of energy and love to give, Julep is the gent for you.


Estimated Birthday: August 23, 2021

Badger is a food scrounge, and will clean your plate for you if you let him.  He loves to play with feather and skitter toys, and is super snuggly when his people are on the couch.  Even if he isn't snuggling his person, he does like to be in the same room and keep an eye on them.  He doesn't like being locked away from his person, so prepare for a bathroom buddy until he settles into the household.  

Badger is great with other cats, kids, and well behaved dogs.  He does still have some residual resource scarcity issues (we promise we'll keep feeding you Badger!) so should have plenty of space to himself at mealtimes so he doesn't feel that other cats are going to steal his meal. 


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