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Estimated Birthday: July 25, 2016

Favorite Toy: Catnip Banana

Marigold was an exceptionally lucky kitten! Hers was the last litter trapped in 2016; a family sheltering in a barn slated for demolition. Marigold has a ventricular septum defect...a hole in her heart. We are running the gamut of veterinarians to see what we can do to give her the absolute best life possible. 
Marigold doesn't act like a cat with a wonky heart...she is full of love and life! 
She plays with skitter toys, and loves to play tag with the other cats.  She is UNDERFOOT ALL THE TIME. Literally. She will rub her back on the underside of your foot as you try to walk.  It is almost as endearing as it is life threatening. 


Marigold is currently 3 1/2, and going strong! She is the official cafe cat for the Alley Cat Cafe, and gets almost as much attention as she wants.

We aren't sure what Marigold's future holds, we only know that she will embrace it wholeheartedly. 

Babs DeBrie

Birthday: September 1, 2018

Adoption Status: Available!

Babs came to BCR with a duchess's load of baggage. After being at BCR headquarters for a few weeks, Babs realized that the food would keep coming, the voices would stay soft, and being polite meant that she could play with the other inhabitants. Babs does well with most cats, and the large breed dog she met. We'd recommend she go to a home with older children, just in case she ever flashes back to her high handed flash temper way of dealing with being upset. Babs LOVES nursing on soft blankets. It's obviously a comfort thing (and her foster mom reports she's doing it less frequently as she feels more at home) but its really endearing.  She likes to lay on her people, and suckle on the blanket while the snuggling is going on.  She really likes sharing a bed with her family as well, and has her own pink blankie that will most certainly go home with her! Babs will tell you when she's ready for mealtime, and does a great job of keeping herself entertained while her family is at work. 
She's a sassy little sweetheart who would make a fantastic addition as either a second, third, or forth pet. 
Open your heart to Babs, and she'll move right in!


Adoption Status: Available!

Chip is a sweet fluffy boy, with a little naughty streak.  He loves to prowl and pounce...especially on his sister Midge!
They are a bonded pair, and have been inseparable since they were old enough to crawl on each other. That's not to say that they don't do well with others!  Chip wants to be friends with every cat he meets, even if they aren't particularly fond of him.  
He's fostered with both small and large breed dogs, and does wonderfully with them. He's even friends with the house pig!
He loves to play with skitter toys, stick toys, and bits of crumpled paper. Nights find him sleeping with one of his foster moms, while day naps have him curled up with (or under) his sister Midge. 
If you are looking for two times the fluff, and two times the love, Chip (and Midge) are meant to find you!


Adoption Status: Available!

Midge and her brother Chip are a bonded pair, who love to snuggle up and sleep with their people. They can usually be found snuggled up together when they’re snoozing. That's not to say that life is one big snooze fest, these kittens have lots of energy!  They love all toys, and play with their people beautifully. Midge especially loves plastic balls to bat around when there's no one home.  She's phenomenal with other cats, and her mom refers to her as an undercover bad ass. She won’t be bullied as easily as her brother.  She's currently fostered with other cats, small and large breed dogs, and a house pig who wears a tutu! She does have some nasal scarring from her kittenhood before she joined BCR's crew, so she can have some nasally breathing and sneezes requiring a nose wipe.  (We explored her nose for polyps, but that's just the way she's going to be!) If you need some serious fluff in your life, Midge (and Chip) are more than happy to join you!

And more! Update coming soon...

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