Meet the Cats

Marigold, our cafe cat!

Estimated Birthday: July 25, 2016

Favorite Toy: Catnip Banana

Marigold was an exceptionally lucky kitten! Hers was the last litter trapped in 2016; a family sheltering in a barn slated for demolition. Marigold has a ventricular septum defect...a hole in her heart. We are running the gamut of veterinarians to see what we can do to give her the absolute best life possible. 
Marigold doesn't act like a cat with a wonky heart...she is full of love and life! 
She plays with skitter toys, and loves to play tag with the other cats.  She is UNDERFOOT ALL THE TIME. Literally. She will rub her back on the underside of your foot as you try to walk.  It is almost as endearing as it is life threatening. 


Marigold is currently 5, and going strong! She is the official cafe cat for the Alley Cat Cafe, and gets almost as much attention as she wants.

We aren't sure what Marigold's future holds, we only know that she will embrace it wholeheartedly. 


Orchid (Adoption Pending!)


Estimated Birthday: May 18, 2021

Shake it off; Orchid needs love RIGHT NOW!
This ridiculous and chatty little girl doesn't like to be the center of attention in a crowd, but she loves to be special to her person.  She's a bit on the underfoot/under your hand side of life.
This is a kitten who will walk back and forth across the couch to make sure that you get the head and booty scritches done properly from every possible angle!  She is a very spunky and lovable kitty. She sleeps for good chunks of the day and loves to curl up next to you and get pet when she is in those restful moods. But, she also does get bursts of energy where she likes to run around the apartment and get her zoomies out. This is zoomie time, and you won't be able to tempt her to snuggle. 
She also loves to parade around her toys. Catch her if you can!
Orchid can be a very vocal kitty - she will coo when she is happy and meow at you if she feels she is not getting the attention she wants. She also did have one brief encounter with a small dog during her time with her foster family, she seemed curious but was also nervous about such a strange beast.   She probably would be fine given enough time to warm up to a dog. Her barn cat origins sometimes shine through, as she can take a while to warm up to a new space/new people, but once she gets comfortable she is much more mellow.

Orchid gets along well with other cats, well behaved dogs, and mellow people.  
Add this exotic bloom to your life today!


Estimated Birthday: April 8, 2021

Don't let the slumbering photo fool you; when Mitts first joined the Browncoat crew, he was originally dubbed Crash!

He is a high octane kitten with extra toes for extra troublemaking! Mitts is an affectionate boy who will keep you laughing! He is super adventurous and loves to get himself into trouble. He loves to sleep on his back and has a loud purr whenever his people are near!

Mitts can give some play nibbles from time to time, but just has a lot of excess energy he’s not quite sure what to do with yet!

Mitts is the brother of Nomos, but is also attached to his other foster siblings Lee and Geneva if you’re looking to adopt in pairs!




Estimated Birthday: June 20, 2020

Meet Lee, and her incredibly boop-able pink nose!

Lee is the sweetest little girl who takes a minute to warm up to new people, but will quickly becomes your biggest fan and cutest lap cat.  She's an absolute snugglebug!
Not only is Lee always looking for a warm lap, she will also run up to you with her paws stretched up to be held. She even enjoys being wrapped up and held like a baby. She is a gentle and adorable kitten who is the best baker we know! She could make breads and biscuits on your lap all day if you’ll let her.
Lee is also bonded to her foster siblings Geneva, Mitts, and Nomos if you’re looking to adopt an adorable pair!


Estimated Birthday: April 8, 2021

Nomos is a super sweet girl who loves every person she's met so far!

She especially loves flopping down for belly rubs and sleeping with her tongue out. She is a purr machine and we guarantee you’ll be just as obsessed with her as we are within five minutes!

If you’re looking for a cuddly and chilled out kitten, Nomos is the girl for you!
Nomos is also bonded with her brother Mitts, and loves her other foster siblings Lee and Geneva.




Estimated Birthday: April 30, 2021

Once a shivering kitten at the side of a road, Geneva came to BCR feeling under the weather and super skittish.  With a loving foster family, she has made the most impressive transformation!

She has completely come out of her shell and turned into a sweet, spicy (just a few play nibbles), and playful girl!

She loves to spend her days playing, looking out the window, and getting some cuddles in. She can be a bit shy at first, but once she comes around she won’t want to leave your side! Geneva absolutely loves her foster siblings Mitts, Lee, and Nomos if you’re looking to adopt in pairs!

This is a face who is going to brighten every day; adopt Flame and let him stay!


Estimated Birthday: August 14, 2020

Meet Sam!

Sam is a wonderful ginger girl who is the purrfect mix of sweetness and spice.
She is either an absolute mush, sitting in your lap and making biscuits, or she's a spicy cookie, swatting your hand if you interrupt her window gazing. Sam is great with other cats, but has a strong personality and likes to be the center of things. 

She and her friend Shelby came from an environment where there was never enough, and now that she's found a land of plenty, she isn't willing to relinquish it!
If you want an amazing companion, Sam is the girl for you!




Estimated Birthday: April 5, 2021

Vinnie is a sweet and slightly saucy little guy.

His fondest wish (other than being safe and warm inside) is to find a person of his own who will let him be the center of attention! He gets along well with dogs, select cats, and respectful people.  He doesn't particularly like rough and boisterous men. 

If an absolute purr machine who wants to follow you around forever sounds good...adopt Vinnie today!

To see other cats up for adoption that may not be at the cafe head to

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