Meet the Cats

Marigold, our cafe cat!

Estimated Birthday: July 25, 2016

Favorite Toy: Catnip Banana

Marigold was an exceptionally lucky kitten! Hers was the last litter trapped in 2016; a family sheltering in a barn slated for demolition. Marigold has a ventricular septum defect...a hole in her heart. We are running the gamut of veterinarians to see what we can do to give her the absolute best life possible. 
Marigold doesn't act like a cat with a wonky heart...she is full of love and life! 
She plays with skitter toys, and loves to play tag with the other cats.  She is UNDERFOOT ALL THE TIME. Literally. She will rub her back on the underside of your foot as you try to walk.  It is almost as endearing as it is life threatening. 


Marigold is currently 5, and going strong! She is the official cafe cat for the Alley Cat Cafe, and gets almost as much attention as she wants.

We aren't sure what Marigold's future holds, we only know that she will embrace it wholeheartedly. 


Estimated Birthday: March 21, 2019

Ostara is a truly amazing cat. She came to Browncoat Cat Rescue very pregnant, and nearly lost her life in the process of birthing her babies. A little over a week (and two thousand dollars) later, she was back on her feet, and back with her babies!
She's a fantastic mama, but she's also so much more than that!
She's very people oriented, and likes to keep her person company...especially when they are cooking or eating.  She loves to have her lips and face scratched, and is a big fan of vigorous petting and belly rubs.  She'll talk to her person when she's hungry, but she'll also chirp to herself while she's doing her thing around the house.  While she's very affectionate, she doesn't sleep on a bed with her person; preferring rugs.  She loves rugs.  Noticeably.   She prefers a large litter box, for optimal spatial management and litter organization.  She has yet to meet a person she hasn't gotten along with.
If you are looking for an absolutely wonderful cat, Ostara is a gift in and of herself.


Estimated Birthday: June 20, 2020

Think of a certain Vermont Senator's mittens.  They're a mix of creamy earth towns, with a healthy helping of browns.  Warm, snuggly, and always near your hands.  
Meet Bernie!
Not unlike a certain pair of mittens, this sweet guy is always up for some pets, and will keep your hands warm and happy. 
He loves belly rubs, and is content to snuggle with his person and be his best lap cat self.  
That's not to say he doesn't have lots of energy for tearing around making the world a more fabulous feline playground!
Bernie is great with every human he meets, cats, and large breed dogs.  He hasn't met small breed dogs, but we expect he'd take them well in stride, as he does with most things.  Glimmer is his best friend in the whole world, and if someone was looking to start their adventures in cat companionship with two cats, those two would be the purrfect pair.
Change your world for the better, and adopt Bernie today!


Estimated Birthday: June 20, 2020

In the darkest of times, there is alway a glimmer of hope.  And just like a cat who's home burnt down, and who's people abandoned her in the wreckage, Glimmer has always held on to hope.  

She's sweet and petite, and we all know that good things come in small packages!

She's good with kids, cats, and large breed dogs, and her best friend in the entire world is her buddy Bernie.  

If you're looking for an energetic and affectionate girl who always looks on the bright side, Glimmer is the one for you!


Estimated Birthday: April 6, 2021

Meet Flame!

Named after that which consumed his original home, but only made him burn more brightly!

This fearless little guy LOVES life.  He's adventurous and silly, and loves to play.  He'll keep himself entertained with skitter toys, loves the ball tracks, and will chase the toy on a stick as long as his human will wave it around.  
He's great with other cats, and is feeling out kids.  He likes quiet dogs who respect the sovereignty of cats. 


This is a face who is going to brighten every day; adopt Flame and let him stay!


Estimated Birthday: June 20, 2020

Meet Shikha!

A name of Hindu origin, it can mean  flame, powerful, ray of light, and/or peak of a mountain.  

Since Shikha was left behind when her home burned down, with kittens to look after, we feel this is a very fitting name for her! She's a sweet and vocal girl, who's great with kids, cats, and large breed dogs. She's much braver than her daughter Flicker, but she's also had a lot of life experiences in a short time!

If you're looking for a gorgeous girl who has the option of coming with a matching mini edition, turn that gaze to Shikha. You won't regret it!


Estimated Birthday: August 14, 2020

Are you looking for a long and lanky girl who makes you think slink?  Not a weaselly weird slink, but an elegant femme fatale slink.

Look no further!  Molly is a sweet and vocal girl who loves to be loved!  No dame in distress, Molly is a cheerful and happy go lucky bundle of love!  She's very bonded to her brother Max, and wants to spend the rest of her days adventuring with him. 

If you want the best pair of cats to love you for the rest of your days, you've come to the right place!


Estimated Birthday: August 14, 2020

Meet Max!

Max is a sweet and personably little guy make entirely of love and silliness. 
He's a great lapcat, and always likes to know where his people are.  He's very even keeled, and gets along with everyone!


ids, cats, dogs...he's buddies with everyone.  He's especially bonded with his sister Molly, and they should be adopted together.  Seeing them curled up and snuggling is balm for the heart.  

This sweetheart hasn't even hit a year old yet; he has so much love to give!

To see other cats up for adoption that may not be at the cafe head to

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