Meet the Cats

Marigold, our cafe cat!

Estimated Birthday: July 25, 2016

Favorite Toy: Catnip Banana

Marigold was an exceptionally lucky kitten! Hers was the last litter trapped in 2016; a family sheltering in a barn slated for demolition. Marigold has a ventricular septum defect...a hole in her heart. We are running the gamut of veterinarians to see what we can do to give her the absolute best life possible. 
Marigold doesn't act like a cat with a wonky heart...she is full of love and life! 
She plays with skitter toys, and loves to play tag with the other cats.  She is UNDERFOOT ALL THE TIME. Literally. She will rub her back on the underside of your foot as you try to walk.  It is almost as endearing as it is life threatening. 


Marigold is currently 4 1/2, and going strong! She is the official cafe cat for the Alley Cat Cafe, and gets almost as much attention as she wants.

We aren't sure what Marigold's future holds, we only know that she will embrace it wholeheartedly. 


Sunflower is a spunky and funky dilute torti! When she was first rescued she was extremely shy and cautious, but after getting to know her foster mom she is bold as can be. We would expect no less from a torti!


She loves to play with her kitten friend and foster brother Buckwheat, and together they explore every surface and nook and cranny. She'll wake you up with morning kisses and climb on your laptop while you're watching videos, making sure you know who's the star of the show.

This little creature is always moving, except when she's deep asleep on your radiator or staring at you like you're the weirdest thing ever.


Feeling like an alien these days?  Adopt Sunflower, and be in good company. 


Bucky is a goofy young tuxedo cat who will win you over with his grumbly voice.

He was born feral and can be very shy at first, but his curiosity quickly gets the better of him. These days he has few inhibitions, and will get up to all kinds of hilarious antics, especially when they involve toys or fingers. He was fostered with his kitten friend Sunflower, and they got along just fine, entertaining themselves with endless play and sneaking. Once he gets comfortable with you, he will greet you with purrs and leg rubs and maybe even fall asleep on your lap (but watch out for your digits!).

If you're looking for a dapper companion, Buckwheat is ready to pounce on such an opportunity!


Hello handsome!

This gorgeous guy goes by the name Cooper, but he'll come to anyone who wants to tell him how pretty he is! He love love loves attention, and will snuggle with his people until the cows come home!

At two years young, he still has lots of silly playtime energy, and loves to play with feather wands and chase skitter toys. He's good with other cats, but adores being the center of attention, and wouldn't mind being king of his own castle.

If you're looking for a well rounded and affectionate buddy, Cooper is the one for you!

Rocky Thumbellina McGee

This sweet and solid boy just wants to be loved!  He was left behind when his person moved, and we can't fathom why. He's great with other cats, and loves to be pet and adored. 


He's a polydactyl guy, and moves like a substantial jungle beast. While he loves to be around his people, he's pretty mellow and unassuming.   If you're looking for a wonderful friend for life, Rocky's your guy!

To see other cats up for adoption that may not be at the cafe head to

Browncoat Cat Rescue's website!